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Global Macro
From economic growth to monetary policy and from inequality to debt sustainability.We will equally examine the international economy, exchange rates, trade policy and optimal currency areas.
Historical Data Analysis
Historical analysis is a method of the examination of evidence in coming to an understanding of the past. ... The second task is to seek to establish cause and effect between those facts in order to understand why things happened, learn and improve from them.
Trading Process

We will talk about trading financial assets. Building watchlist, quantitative analysis, portfolio construction, risk management, monitoring performance.


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I just want to say a really big thank you for guidance that gives me more confidence to research and learn. Great experience.


Together with Lukas, I explored topics that practical and useful. I would probably never knew they exist without Oakroadinvest.


The following are a few challenges that first-time investors struggle:

Information Overload - Unknown Risks - Limited Capital - Non or Over Diversification - Bad Timing - Not Getting Help - Management Fees 

The course provides you with an understanding of Global Macro, Investment Analysis, and Portfolio Management.Portfolio manager at oakroadinvest club deliver weekly webinar, monthly report and will try to answer your questions in one to one video conference.



Investment analysis and portfolio management course objective is to help entrepreneurs and practitioners to understand the investments field as it is currently understood and practiced for sound investment decisions making. Following this objective, key concepts are presented to provide an appreciation of the theory and practice of investments, focusing on investment portfolio formation and management issues. This course is designed to emphasize both theoretical and analytical aspects of investment decisions and deals with modern investment theoretical concepts and instruments. Both descriptive and quantitative materials on investing are presented.

Upon completion of this course the entrepreneurs shall be able:

to describe and to analyze the investment environment, different types of investment vehicles;

to understand and to explain the logic of investment process and the contents of its’ each stage;

to use the quantitative methods for investment decision making – to calculate risk and expected return of various investment tools and the investment portfolio;

to distinguish concepts of portfolio theory and apply its’ principals in the process of investment portfolio formation; to analyze and to evaluate relevance of stocks, bonds, forex, options for the investments;

to understand the psychological issues in investment decision making;

to know active and passive investment strategies and to apply them in practice.

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Welcome to Oak Road Investment !

We are an investment club focused on building a powerful infrastructure in the economy. We are fully committed to helping people learn more about investing, to pass the knowledge that will give you strength with moral responsibility and resistance that people need in order to reach success in participating in the economy. Thanks to our powerful portfolio management, outstanding external events and a true focus on quality, our team is here to bring in front some rewarding results. We are vetted active traders...  About us

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